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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is what Google and other search engines use to determine what websites and information is fresh and relevant. We share the secret sauce with our clients to outperform their competition and to have their websites appear in search results before other businesses.

How Do We Optimize Your Website?

SEO can essentially make or break your website. Though not an overnight process, search engine optimization will elevate your website rank, brand, and profits.

SEO Services

Website Audit

We start by going through your entire website and audit for SEO optimization. We use multiple keywords, and focus words within your site, posts, and pages to help amplify the strength of your content on google and other search engines.


Website Readability

We audit your content’s readability and make necessary changes allowing your visitors to comprehend the information provided easily. Along with making your content simple to digest, search engines will increase your rank in keyword search results.

Website Optimization

Optimizing everything from the websites code to individual links will allow your demographic to find what they are searching for on your website. We then utilize that data to connect the dots to a future customer’s search, driving them to your business.

Is being on the first page of a google search really that important?

92% of all potential customers will pick a business that is on the first page of Google or their preferred online search engine. Over 70% of them are also doing it on a mobile phone.

Now is the time to ensure your website is optimized for the best possible search results, as well as any mobile device.

From Our Clients

We can sit here and tell you how awesome we are, but we’ll just let our clients do it instead.

seo search engine optimization

“Fred has provided me with a clear roadmap to navigate the confusing world of websites and social media. He has created a beautiful landing page to my website, helped me get set up with several forms of social media and has pushed me out of my comfort zone by encouraging me to create videos to promote my business. He has become my marketing department and trusted advisor.”

John Whitehall

Owner, Strategic Sales Training Solutions

seo search engine optimization

“FXV Digital Design met with me and we discussed what I wanted to accomplish. They had a recommendation with realistic expectations. It was their level-headed approach that convinced me that they were the company for the job. FXV Digital takes care of my online presence and allows me to focus on my business. I will definitely use them again.”

Jim Holler

Owner, Elite Pressure Washing

seo search engine optimization

“FXV Digital Design is the only place to come if you’re looking to have your online presence looking sharp. Freddy is always guiding me in the right direction, and we get more & more prospects and business each month thanks to FXV!”

Christina Becker

Marketing Director, Jersey Ink

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