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Bottom 9 Clothing Company

Branding · Illustration · Print Design · Photography · Video Production · Ecommerce

Project Description

Bottom 9 Clothing Company opened its doors for business in April of 2015 and we were tapped to design every aspect of their branding. Logo, photography, web design, marketing materials – you name it and we designed it. What made the project special was the dedication of keeping old time baseball in tact at all times and never letting modern style get in the way. This led to an overall project experience that was challenging, yet exciting to be a part of.

Project Details

Client Bottom 9 Clothing
Date February 2015
Skills Web Design, Branding, Illustration, Photography, eCommerce

Logo Design

One of the most important parts of a branding project is the logo. In the case of Bottom 9 Clothing, we were given the task of creating one from scratch with vintage and baseball as the two main subject areas.

What we created was a suite of logs to be utilized in different areas of print, advertising, and social media. The main logo features a white, weathered look with gold accents and full company details. Moving on to social media profile images, you have the weathered, shortened name, along with solid white logos including their mascot of sorts to generate a visual brand in the vein of Nike or Under Armour

Launch Website

4,256 Hits

Pete Rose was elected into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Bottom 9 Clothing wanted to create a video to celebrate the honor. Promoting their 4,256 shirt designed in honor of Rose, classic MLB clips were edited together with current photography and designs to create a 60 second spot for social media.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is much more than just posting an update. In order to cut through the noise, you need more than one tool in your shed and Bottom 9 Clothing has many. Custom graphics, videos, illustrations, graphics, blog posts – it’s all custom and utilized to drive traffic and build their fanbase.

Other ways to increase sales, as well as fanbase, is Facebook advertising. Ads create for Bottom 9 Clothing were used with an aggressive budget, gaining them social media fans and a historic first year in sales.

Launch Facebook Page

Print Marketing

Bottom 9 Clothing wanted to give something back to customers who made a purchase during their first inaugural launch, as well as give them a reason to visit the website again and order another item.

What was decided was any customer making a purchase during this time period would be given a post card with a code for 15% off their next order. Included on the back of the card was a bit of copy that explained the vision of the company. A sticker was also printed to go along with the shirt orders as another marketing tool to help advance promotion of the brand.

Product Photography

We scheduled a photoshoot for their Bottom 9 Clothing’s inaugural line on location in New York City. The baseball enthusiast clothing line developed two shirts based on New York teams, so it was only fitting that the perfect setting would be the stadiums and parks within the city that never sleeps. The urban settings and props use during the shoot made it a success.

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