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Client Testimonials

“Rock The Post team would like to thank FXV Digital Design for the great Facebook Fan Page. We are very happy with the outcome and we definitely look forward to doing business again with FXV Digital Design. Again, thank you so much for all your hard work and for sharing your outstanding vision throughout the entire project.”
Alejandro, Rock the Post

“We are very pleased with the quality of service FXV Digital Design provided for our Myspace project. We sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conduct business. Their attention to detail, and great work ethic are unprecedented and compete for their best quality.”
Moe, Inertia Creative

FXV Digital Design designed our Welcome tab on our Facebook Fan Page! The did a fantastic job for a great price and I would highly recommend them!”
Donna, CraftMaster Homes

FXV Digital Design went above and beyond in their WordPress design for my one woman show. They knew exactly what I wanted without a lot of explanation and the website they created was better than I imagined. It was original, creative and really surpasses other WordPress designs I’ve seen. I can’t recommend them enough. I am even working on a new project just so I’ll have another website for them to design.”
Stacy Mayer

FXV Digital Design is made up of wickedly talented artists who offer flawless designs at a fair price. They are a pleasure to work with and make the process of building social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and MySpace, fun and rewarding. FXV Digital Design is the solution. They allow your web design brainstorms to become a reality. And ultimately drive traffic to your business.”
Heather, Tomorrow Pictures

“For any creative individual interested in furthering your vision in the digital world…look no further than FXV Digital Design. Totally awesome web & graphic design, photography, web programming, audio & video editing, and logo design. I highly recommend this company. Peace Paint and Metal!”
Louie “KR.ONE” Gasparro

FXV Digital Design is one of the essential companies to use in this day in age, where your social sites basically brand your band. From excellent turn around times to help up-keeping, FXV Digital Design really have it going on. I have and will recommend their services to anyone!!!”
Adam, Maddam Ink

FXV Digital Design designed a fantastic myspace page for me! It’s exactly what I envisioned. These guys are a pleasure to work with and their prices are reasonable. They respond promptly and really take care to answer all questions. I will definitely be using them again for future web design needs.”
Melissa Burnos

FXV Digital Design did an awesome job, were easy to work with, and worked in a timely fashion. The MySpace layout is above and beyond what we were expecting with fair pricing. Needless to say, FXV Digital Design is the only company we will use for our graphics needs.”
Greg, Darkness Rites

“I was looking for a design company to take my band’s myspace profile to the next level. We needed an original design that conveyed the passion and energy of our music and live performance. FXV Digital Design helped take our ideas and turn them into something better than we had hoped for. FXV Digital Design were helpful and patient, and they were always available to answer our questions. I highly recommend FXV Digital Design. Seriously, they rock!!

FXV Digital Design is one of the best web designers I’ve worked with. They really care about what you want and are always there for you. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again!”
Carson Taylor

“We were very pleased with the job that FXV Digital Design did for us. They brought our myspace page up to a whole new level and did an amazing job. They provided excellent service and were extremely easy to work with. They listened to our ideas and made it fun to get our new page going. 1 3Curves would highly recommend that you use FXV Digital Design to handle your online needs.”
Ben, 13 Curves

FXV Digital Design did an amazing job with our layout! The price was perfect, and the communication was excellent. They listened to everything we had to say, and put their artistic abilities to work quickly. I highly recommend this company, they will always have our business!”
Eric, Vira Avenue

“Working with FXV Digital Design was a truly unrealistic experience. Never have I ever worked with someone via-internet who cared so much about their customers and their personal life. I highly recommend FXV Digital Design to any band or customer looking to upgrade their MySpace for better promotion. They are definitely up to par with the art direction movement in how to best gain attention for a visitor on your website and the prices are really awesome compared to the work and investment they put into designing the page to your needs. Anyone who does not consider FXV Digital Design has to be out of their minds.”
Casey, Outside the Camp

“I can’t say more about the how pleased I am with FXV Digital Design’s quality of work and also their personal approach in helping my band get exactly what we wanted out of our MySpace. I highly recommend this company for their design services.”
Doug, The Doug Gordon Band

FXV Digital Design always exceeds our expectations, which are very high! They are the most affordable, professional web designers out there and always meet our deadlines. They are the best. Period!”
Alex, The Resurrection Sorrow

“Unbelievable service, outstanding talent, reliability, accountability, and dedication to our true vision! That is how I describe FXV Digital Design! I am very picky with whom I do business with and skeptical of others to see my vision but FXV Digital Design surpassed my expectations, and came through with flying colors! Thank you FXV Digital Design, you are the cornerstone to the success of our business!”
Louise, Sacred Spaces Cleaning Service

“So many thanks to FXV Digital Design, they have helped launch our business to new heights. Their customer service is outstanding and their creative ingenuity by far exceeded anything I could have hoped for!”
Garrett, Sacred Spaces Cleaning Service

“I wanted a web site but could not afford some of the bigger website administrators. That’s what led me to FXV Digital Design. They worked with me on my concerns, were quick and reliable and wanted my site to be perfect for my needs. They responded quickly to any and all of my questions. They designed the site very quickly and far exceeded my expectations. Not only was the site attractive to look at, but it is extremely user friendly. I started seeing results within the first two weeks the site was up! I wasn’t even sure that I needed a website, but now don’t know how I was doing business without it. I am not very computer savvy but FXV Digital Design was able to explain things to me in a very simple, easy to understand way. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get a website or any other marketing because they take such pride in their work and are not satisfied until you are. They were able to put together a site for me, on my budget and made it look better than I could have imagined. Thanks again FXV Digital Design for helping me take my business to the next level—you guys are the best!”
Jerry, Road Runner Rentals

“When looking at our MySpace created by FXV Digital Design, we are very impressed with the quality of work. FXV Digital Design was very patient and professional when creating our MySpace. We originally had no idea what we wanted our MySpace to look like, so FXV Digital Design worked with us and strived to create a site that we would be proud of. Throughout the entire process they listened to our thoughts and ideas and were able to effectively make them come to life in the MySpace. Even when we had no thoughts as to how certain parts of the page should look, FXV Digital Design worked with us and provided us with different options. FXV Digital Design proved their designing talent with the beautiful header that they created for our page as well as the artistic wallpaper photo montage. Our band was very fickle about the MySpace and must have sent over 50 emails to FXV Digital Design, but they were always very happy to please and more than willing to accommodate us in any way. I would strongly recommend FXV Digital Design to any person looking to design a professional high quality MySpace.”
Brian, Park After Dark

“No BS!! FXV Digital Design is the best!! Great vision and prompt service. They are bar none the most professional people you will EVER deal with!! But it doesn’t end there , they actually care about their clients and keep in close contact anytime you need them!! Do yourself a favor and take a look at FXV Digital Design!!”
Dave, Resin

“Many thanks to the FXV Digital Design team! The King Benjamin MySpace Page was completed quickly without any hiccups. Their creative design is absolutely wonderful and their price is unbeatable. As a musician, my MySpace page must to be perfect in order for me to fully utilize the wonderful promotional capabilities that the service offers. FXV Digital Design provided just this. I would recommend these services to any professional artist looking for the highest quality in their new MySpace page.”
King Benjamin

“I want to thank FXV Digital Design for their time and talent in designing Loose Logic’s new MySpace page. Loose Logic is going to be huge in 2010 and the new page will be a major help. One of our team brought FXV Digital Design to my attention and I immediately recognized the quality design work and very reasonable prices. After a brief chat on the phone we were off and running. One of the most important things for me is that FXV Digital Design doesn’t design for people – they design with people, which means they listen to you to make your vision a reality. FXV Digital Design handles all the technical stuff (coding, etc.) so you don’t have to worry if you’re technically challenged. But most of all they do what they say they will, on time and on budget. We will soon be working with them for the revamp of the Loose Logic web site. I would recommend FXV Digital Design to anyone for fast and pain free high quality service.”
Jeff, Manager for Loose Logic

“When we started looking for someone to design our MySpace the right way we encountered so many issues it was unbelievable. We contact many of the supposed “Top MySpace Graphic Designs and Coders” without any promising effects. Many were asking far too much to complete our design and some asking for more than $600 to do a complete layout. We called and emailed with most of the companies getting no reply or acknowledging we needed the work done. Then we came across FXV Digital Design. After reviewing their prices which were definitely within our budget we decided to give them a shot. Almost immediately we received a response and work was started immediately after our small deposit was made. We received everything we asked for and then some from FXV Digital Design in a matter of days and we were very impressed. Besides having provided a very professional MySpace design we received outstanding technical support without delay! FXV Digital Design really know what they are doing and I definitely feel comfortable recommending them to other artists. These people take their work seriously.”
Aaron, I Died For Eight Seconds

“In the age of social networking sites and musical promotion, having a website that looks professional is very important. Recently, we had been down on our luck with MySpace designers. It seemed impossible to find a designer who did good work and was reliable. We searched high and low until our manager recommended FXV Digital Design, who is known for making legit web designs for known bands. We sent them an e-mail and instantly heard a response. They conveyed a professional work ethic and were also very friendly. They designed our MySpace exactly the way we imagined it to be and whenever we needed something to be fixed they were right on it. They are a company who are extremely reliable and do great work. We definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a web designer and look forward to working with FXV Digital Design more in the future.”
Sean, Of Fate And Chance

“I would recommend FXV Digital Design to anyone looking to “professionalize” their MySpace page. We found them because they had already made some great looking pages for some of our friends, and we couldn’t have had a better experience. FXV Digital Design’s prices are affordable, their work is outstanding, they move quickly and went out of their way to meet our needs and demanding schedule.”
Geoff, TSI

“Working with FXV Digital Design was an absolute pleasure. They were very professional and made the process easy and straightforward. Modern Day Slave and I couldn’t be happier with the final product. I highly recommend using FXV Digital Design for your web design. I know that I will definitely be going back to them with any future web design projects I may have. Thanks!”
Alexa, Krane Music Management

“The team at FXV Digital Design took the time to listen to our music and translate that experience into a MySpace page that matched out new album’s theme. Our new MySpace profile is more compelling and is easier to navigate, which helps us communicate with our fans and those in the music industry.”
Todd Ingram, King Giant

“Great company to work with! Not only did they get everything I wanted done on time for a great price, they also assisted me with every question I had after the job was completed. Thank you for the amazing page!”
DJ Jacomino

“Just wanted to say thank you for the MySpace, looks great. My band was pleasantly surprised when they saw it. Thanks for your patience on the pictures, I think it was worth the wait. Def a huuuuuge improvement from what we were dealing with. Thank you so much!”
Trevor, The Black Dahlia Murder

“Excellent work and great customer service…you can quote me :O)”
Paul, Andrejack

“What started out as an inquiry in FXV Digital Design’s work quickly turned into planning and designing for a launch of all our new material and music – this isn’t an indication of our spontaneity but rather an indication of how easy they are to get a hold of and work with. One of the best and most important services you will get by working with FXV Digital Design is their accessibility and fast response time. When you’re working with designing any sort of page, you can bet you’re going to go back and forth for weeks. FXV Digital Design makes sure to stay in touch so there’s not a one week delay each time you have a question like you might find with other companies. And as for their designing ability? Well, I think our page speaks volumes for that. When it comes to MySpace design, we’ve found our go-to people!”
Eric, Testing For Echo

“Dear Dad, Yours Truly was in search of a MySpace page with attitude, professionalism, and functionality. We had tried several times to create a MySpace of our own and failed miserably, soon realizing that making music and designing websites are two different careers for a reason. When FXV Digital Design approached us it was perfect timing. What FXV Digital Design had to offer us exceeded our expectations, and best of all, was packaged at a phenomenal price. DDYT would like to say THANK YOU! to FXV Digital Design for giving our site exactly the makeover it needed.”
Dear Dad Yours Truly

“Within a few weeks of contacting FXV Digital Design to upgrade Ninjah’s MySpace profile, I am sitting here today with a fantastic finished product! Done by designers with limitless artistic vision, they excepted my input and also took the time to listen to my music and interpret what they felt from it into the profile… and the results are beyond my wildest expectations! FXV Digital Design was quick to respond to all of my questions and concerns and with the choices given and the timely service provided, the price is right.”
Santarella, Ninjah

“I just finished my second project with FXV Digital Design and I can honestly say that they went above and beyond my expectations. I assumed that I would get the same level or style of product as I did last time but what I got instead was a completely fresh approach to something that could have easily been done the “normal” way. I don’t know about you, but I am not sure what else you can ask for from a designer. With all that said, their speedy responses and quick turn around time is still what impress me the most. Kudos FXV Digital Design. Kudos indeed.”
Jun, >Gambit

“As the lead singer of a national metal act I have worked with many people. Most of which do not care about you or your band, it’s about how much profit they see in you for themselves. For two years my band has been recording their debut album and in that time we were looking for the right way to promote our album release on MySpace. We went through many graphic designers, some who would charge too much and did not care about the aesthetics of your project, others that did not charge but offered no talent or creativity in their work. Then we were approached by FXV Digital Design who offered low prices with great customer service and artwork satisfaction. They took their time completing the project and made sure all of our demands were met without a fuss or extra charge. In these ever changing economic times it is harder and harder for local bands to look professional on the internet just for lack of funds and know how. But thanks to FXV Digital Design we were able to overcome that. If you’re in a local or national band that needs good graphic art done for a good price with communication, choose FXV Digital Design. Stryk Nine fully endorses this company.”
Matty Colon, Stryk Nine

“Working with FXV Digital Design has been a pleasure from beginning to end. Their team of players were able to translate our vision into a MySpace reality. Absolutely professional with a prompt, courteous response..what more could we have asked for! Highly recommended!!!”
Leah, Star City Recordings

“We needed a MySpace page that was cool, functional and glitch free. FXV Digital Design not only delivered a great looking site, but it was well thought out and effective in promoting the band. They do great work!”
Sahaj, Ra

“We have already gotten feedback from people about the MySpace site…They love it! Thank you so much FXV Digital Design for the great work you have done!!! We are so pleased to have a professionally designed site!!”
Mike, All Wreck

“U are amazing…page looks siiiick!! Thanks for all the hard work we love ya!!”
Tim, Blameshift

“Hey guys, the site looks awesome, couldn’t be happier. Thanks for everything!”
Sonny, The Bleeding

FXV Digital Design’s MySpace design for us far exceeded my expectations! They were amazingly easy to work with, and knew exactly what would make the most effective page for our band. We can’t thank them enough for all the hard work they put in!”
Scott, Earth Crisis

“I’ve worked with countless graphic designers and design companies for all kinds of different projects and FXV Digital Design is by far the best company I have used! Most professional, most creative, and more importantly has the best customer service. FXV Digital Design does some serious work!”
DJ Joe Dert

“When we went to FXV Digital Design with our MySpace project, we expected the typical web designer B.S., 4 month wait and horrible communications. What we got was a kick ass design that I barely had to direct them on with constant updates and easily accessible designers. Their instincts on design are killer and they work quickly without all the typical nonsense you get from web design guys.”
Nat, Valor

“At first we were honestly a little skeptical about redesigning our MySpace, but once FXV Digital Design showed us their concept we were absolutely floored! The design is fantastic and has already raised the profile of our band considerably. In addition, they’ve been a pleasure to work with – articulate, detailed, and timely throughout the entire process. When other bands ask us about redesigning their MySpace we recommend them without hesitation!”
William, NoCo

“We never knew what our site was missing until FXV Digital Design finished our new MySpace page layout! We were blown away. Talk about professionals. They worked on our page whenever we needed their help and understood our vision right away. It’s very clear that they have the knowledge to make any site look amazing, along with excellent customer service! Check FXV Digital Design out for yourself!”
Wes, Evelyn’s Ashes

FXV Digital Design has provided NewMuse Productions and Conceptual Elements with original design and creative ingenuity that far surpasses any cookie cutter graphics provider. Thanks to FXV Digital Design our product has the professional and creative distinction that separates us from the pack – and we didn’t go broke doing it!”
Clarity, New Muse Productions/Conceptual Elements